Sumatra Mutu Batak

"Batak" is term used to identify groups, or tribes, predominately found in Northern Sumatra. "Mutu" is a short name of one of these groups that grows coffee near Mt. Kelimutu, hence, "Mutu Batak". The coffee from here is excellent and is similar in characteristics to "Blue Batak". Both are clean tasting for Sumatrans. One could say the two coffees are indistinguishable except for normal differences that can occur from lot to lot, and season to season.


Cupping Notes: Silky dry fragrance, becoming intense during the wet break. very clean cup, low acidity, malt, cherry pipe tobacco, coco, sweet lingering aftertaste. Well processed coffee with few brokens.

Roasting Notes: Medium to dark roast. Low amount of quakers compared to a lot of other Sumatrans, so it roasts relatively even for coffee from this region.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans