Chemex Coffee Brewing

It is possible to brew a perfect cup of coffee every time using a Chemex Brewer and by following these simple instructions.

Note that it does require a little more time and patience than using the ubiquitous automatic coffee brewers found in most households today. After successfully using the Chemex pour-over style brewer, most people that appreciate great tasting coffee will feel that the extra time is time well spent on producing a great cup.

At the heart of the Chemex method is the fractional extraction of only the desirable parts of the coffee bean. Fractional extraction at 190-200 degrees Fahrenheit leaves the coffee fats and bitter elements in the coffee grounds, not in the cup! Special developed Chemex-bonded filters and applying the proper brewing method make this possible.

Just follow these simple steps:

1) Open the Chemex-Bonded® Coffee Filter into a cone. One side should have three layers. Place the cone in the top of your coffee maker with the thick portion toward the pouring spout.

2: Using Regular or Automatic Grind coffee only, put one rounded tablespoon (about 10 grams)of coffee per 6 oz. cup into the filter cone. If you prefer stronger coffee, use more

3) Boil water on the stove using a tea kettle, or use a hot water kettle such as the kind Bunn makes. These are available at any kitchen appliance store. Note: we at Lost Dutchman Coffee prefer stainless steel water kettles as we have found that the plastic ones deteriorate with age and plastic particles can flake off after time, making for very nasty water. When the water is boiling, remove it from the heat until it stops boiling vigorously. It should now be at about 200°F, a perfect brewing temperature. Pour a small amount of water over the coffee grounds, just enough to wet them without floating. This is important because it allows the grounds to "bloom," so the desirable coffee elements can be released.

4) After this first wetting simply pour more water in a circular, spiraling motion starting at the center and expanding outward from there. Do not rush this part or add water all the way to the top of the filter. Adding too much water will soften the filter near the Chemex's spout, causing it to form a seal, which can ultimately cause a mess as the air inside the Chemex creates bubbles, eventually forcing their way out of the glass, causing a percolating action. Once the desired amount of coffee is brewed, dispose of the spent grounds by lifting the filter out of the coffee maker. And that's it!

You are now ready to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee! Important: Always use regular or medium grind with the Chemex Coffee Filters. Any other grind may affect the filtration rate. We recommend using mountain spring water for making coffee.

Note: For best results use a digital gram scale and way out 60 grams coffee for 32 oz water. Use this as a starting point and adjust either the amount of coffee or the water volume according to individual tastes. The way the filter works, it is almost impossible to wind up with a bitter tasting cup. Changing the coffee/water ratio really just affects the intensity of the coffee.

chemex filter folding instructions

Step One: Place the "funnel" (folded filter) in the top part of the Chemex Brewer, with 3 layers on the beak side (the spout). The beak acts as an air vent during the brewing process by allowing air to escape from the lower portion of the coffee maker as water fills into it. This helps the coffee filter at the proper rate. If too much water is added to the grinds, the filter will become too soft and form a seal around the beak. This will ultimately make a mess and prevent the coffee from filtering at the proper rate. If this does occur, gently twist the filter around so that there is no seal at the beak area.



Happy Brewing!

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