Harvest Time Table

This table represents approximate coffee harvest seasons. Note that the agricultural crop can be either a month or so ahead or behind, due to the wind, rain, sun, etc. Some coffee growing estates in Hawaii can have more than one harvest in a year. This is generally a function of geography and micro-climates particular to a certain farm.

Often times (but not always) earlier arrivals are lower grown varieties and can have a “too green” taste due to lack of time in reposo. Green coffee is best if left to “rest” for a month or two in its parchment after being dried. Out of economic necessity (and desire to maximize profit), coffee growers may hasten the processing times to start getting the coffee to market. There are times when “early crops” are more desirable than later arrivals, such as some Indian coffees we recently received from the Mysore (mi-zoree) region. One can never tell for sure until the coffee has been properly cupped.

The actual arrival of coffees typically occurs 1-2 months after the harvest has ended

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