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yellow icatu brazil coffee bags

Brazil Carmo de MInas

From .the Reis Brothers' Farm, this is a super impressive, beautiful coffee farm and their spirit in farming is infectious. They have been producing some of Carmo de MInas best coffee for years and their is nothing like a farmers pride! And they have a brick factory on their property going way back. And cows, naturally.

This is a microlot coffee with a very limited number of bags produced.

Cupping Notes: Medium intense dry aroma. Breaking the crust reminds us of being inside a chocolate shop. Pine nuts. Apricot, cocoa, fine malt. Mild acidity. Clean cup. The lingering pleasant cocoa aftertaste is a strong hint that this coffee will work well in an espresso.

Roasting Notes: Natural processed beans, so they don't like like anything special in their green form. However once roasted they morph into a beautiful uniform color. The coffee is very clean - no brokens, foreign matter, quakers, etc. It is truly a specialty grade coffee.

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Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans