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Note - If you're looking for our coffee house in Mesa, AZ, click here to get to our cafe's web site for more information including location and hours of operation.


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Green Coffee Beans for Home Roasters

Welcome to The Lost Dutchman Coffee Home Roasting Web Site. We want to be your Green Coffee supplier. Checkout our extensive green coffee bean offerings and compare our low prices with other online green coffee suppliers.

Updates and News:

Please Note - Local pick-ups can be made at our Downtown Mesa location - "Lost Dutchman Coffee House" - at 12 N Center Street. Email or text messages will be provided when your order is ready to be picked up. Please indicate which method is preferred during check-out, otherwise expect an email message - usually within 24 hours of placing your order.

10/16/21 - Ethiopia Shantawene and Kenya Kahiriga just added to our green coffee offerings.

New web site is getting close to launching.

9/4/21 - Mexico La Frailesca just posted to our offering sheet. This is a sweet coffee from the state of Chiapas in Southern Mexico, bordering Guatemala. New Crop, clean cup, good price.

8/31/21 - New web site coming soon. As with our roasted coffee sister web site, upgrading our green coffee site is long overdue. The upgrade will feature easier navigation and checkout, along with an expanded number of coffee offerings. The new site should be live in 2-3 weeks or so.

8/15/21 - From Sumatra - "Raja Batak" Peaberry and from Brazil - Maristella Sauza Yellow Honey prep. coffees have been added to our Green Coffee Offering page. We have another Kenyan surprise coffee waiting in the wings...

7/31/21 - Costa Rica Lilo Tarrazu - Red Honey is now available on our green coffee offering sheet. The honey preparation of these beans is as good as any that we've seen. In its green form, the beans look kind of funky (sorry, no picture available yet), but once roasted the beans look and taste amazing.

Coming in soon is another honey-prep coffee, this time a yellow honey from Brazil. Also a nice peaberry from Sumatra.

7/6/21 - Brazil Dulcineia dos Santos black honey just added to our offering page. Black honey preparation is the sweetest of the honeys.

7/2/21 - Kenya Kahiriga has been added to our offering page. This is an AA grade ("AA" refers to the size of the bean in Kenya). Another Kenyan and Ethiopian due in late next week along with a high-end Costa Rican coffee - "Lilo" is the name!

6/19/21 - India Monsooned Malabar is back in stock.

5/22/21 - Guatemala Atitlan "La Voz" now in stock. La Voz is a very old coffee growing estate known for it's high quality. Mexican Custapec is back also.

Our Products:
We offer a wide variety of green coffee beans from around the world.
Those new to the home roasting coffee experience will find the Home Roasting Basics Information page both interesting and informative. Here you can learn how easy it is to roast your own green coffee and make the best possible roasted coffee available.

We hope you enjoy this site and welcome you to browse around. For local customers, we are an Arizona coffee supplier of green coffee beans. Local pick-ups are available at the Lost Dutchman Coffee House located right smack in the middle of Downtown Mesa.
Lost Dutchman Coffee Co. - specialty green coffee beans from around the world.
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