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Guatemala "La Voz" Atitlán

There are eight main coffee growing regions in Guatemala: Acatenango, Antigua, San Marcos, New Oriente, Fraijanes Plateau, Cobán, Antigua, and Atitlán.

Differences among Guatemalan coffee regions include soil (most regions have volcanic soils, but several do not), climate -; dry weather during maturation and harvest usually means sweeter coffee, average elevation - the higher the elevation the more acidity (and often more nuance). All of these factors influence cup character, although all of the major Guatemala growing regions can produce fantastic coffee in a variety of cup profiles.

Some information on the La Voz farm:

Varieties include: caturra, bourbon, and typica.

10 hectares with preserved forest

Soil is rich black volcanic (very rich in organic material.

Annual rainfall is 2000,2200 millimeters

Cupping Notes: Balanced, smoothly full-bodied cup with a sweet acidity and a subdued roastiness that turns the fruit toward mango and black cherry.

Roasting Notes: Light roast accentuates the black cherry notes we found. Being SHG, these beans also hold up well to dark roasts for those that prefer it.





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Note: these are green coffee beans and are not roasted