India Mysore Nuggets Badnekan Estate

Mysore is a traditional market name for wet-processed Arabica coffee from southern India that's been grown, picked, and selected by hand.

This particular coffee from a Mysore plantation is a natural-hybrid Arabica from Badnekhan Estate.

Cupping Notes: The green coffee beans are in the 17 screen size range. Very clean and well processed. Elegant dry aroma, less intense on the wet break. Flowery and refined cup. Chocolate with hints of pipe tobacco and malt. Sweetens nicely as the cup cools.

Roasting Notes: A fairly hard bean and grown at just under 4,000 feet, this coffee does well at a dark roast and seems to have good "milk cutting" characteristics, making it a nice addition to an espresso blend used for creating cappuccinos or lattes with. Lighter roasts accentuate the coffee blossom (flowery) notes making this a pleasant, single origin coffee for French Press or other standard brewing methods.

This plantation coffee is wet processed and patio dried to assure consistently good looking & tasting beans. The raking of the beans on the drying floor is even done at different angles so the ridges do not create shade on some of the beans during the day.

Shade-grown coffee In India is very typical. Due to the very high temperatures as well as the monsoon rains the shade must be in place to protect the plants from the sun and must be pruned somewhat at the start of the rainy season.
note: these are unroasted green coffee beans