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Green Coffee Beans and Home Roasting Equipment

Welcome to The Lost Dutchman Coffee Home Roasting Web Site. We want to be your Roasting Equipment and Green Coffee Bean supplier. Checkout our extensive green coffee bean offerings and compare our low prices with other online green coffee suppliers.

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Lost Dutchman, The Legend (a background to our namesake)

Updates and News:

11/27/15 - Just in and posted on our Green Coffee Offering page - Kenya Kiambu, Indonesia "Blue Dragon", Colombia Decaf (MWP), and PNG Kamarl.


11/20/16 - We just finished cupping some nice coffees, which should become available late next week. These include another Indonesian Flores coffee - "Green Dragon" (where do they get these names? Probably from the Komodo Dragon that live all over the place on this island) - another Kenyan, and at least one other PNG coffee.

11/17/15 - Guatemala Antigua - Acate, just added to our green coffee offering sheet. We've stocked this coffee many times in the past, as it is a solid, traditional Antigua.

10/28/15 - We found this interesting coffee growing on the treacherous slopes of Mt. Kelimutu in Sumatra. This "Mutu Batak" green coffee is very well processed with few brokens. Excellent, classical Sumatra characteristics. This is one of those coffees that when we cupped it, we instantly knew we wanted to have some around for awhile, so we expect to be able to stock it at least through January. Currently available on our green coffee offering page.

9/5/15 - Kenya "Chomo" added to our green coffee offering page. This is a rather rare top auction lot coffee at an amazingly low price, considering that it is a high quality Kenya coffee.

The bad news today is that we're completely out of Sumatra Super Peaberry. We're looking for more and will re-stock it as it becomes available.

9/3/15 - New coffees posted - A very clean bean from Colombia Nariño. Next, Guatemala El Zapote from the Acetenango region of Guatemala. Both of these are top notch coffees.

Coming as soon as Valic gets around to posting, Kenya Chomo. We have it in stock, there's just not enough time to get up.

8/23/15 - A new Kenyan coffee will be coming in by the end of the week. More details to follow soon.

7/19/15 - New Arrivals - Ethiopia Hambela / Guji, and from Indonesia, Fores Komodo. You won't want to miss out on the Komodo. When it's gone, it's gone!

6/15/2015 - We've received numerous references to how we tape zip lock bags full of green coffee closed for shipping. While most of our fellow home coffee roasters seem to agree it's a necessary evil because they can be so hard to open, they understand why we have to do it. Going forward, we are folding the packing tape over about 1/4 inch to provide a way to peel the tape off. If you're someone that would rather take your chances with the bags coming open during shipment and request "no tape, please", please allow us to try this on your next order. It's not that hard for us to pack your coffee this way and may just help prevent unwanted surprises.

5/19/15 - Coming in a few days, Guatemala Bella Carmona. Arguably the best of the best from Guatemala. We had to poke around quite a bit to get it. High on chocolaty notes, very clean cup and a medium body. Valic will have it posted by Friday.

Also worthy of mention, we'll be getting in a very fresh batch of Sumatran Decaf, C02 processed. Our opinion has always been that the C02 decaffeinating process is the very best method, next to water processing, for retaining maximum flavor characteristics. This coffee also makes for some of the best espresso.

Not to stop here, also a nice Colombian from Narino. More on this sweet coffee when it comes in at the end of this week.

4/23/15 - Just in - Sumatra Super Peaberry - a popular favorite amongst peaberry-loving coffee roasters.

Ethiopia Harrar - Mesela - another very fresh coffee bean right from the cradle (birth place) of coffee.

Also in but not yet posted (where's Valic?) - Nicaragua:Los Congos: Pacamara Cascara - For those of you who remember, this is the rich flavored coffee pulp used to make a coffee "tea". We'll try to get this posted by the weekend.

4/20/15 - Incoming - Some really nice Ethiopian coffees. We're hoping to get them up on our green coffee offering sheet before next weekend. Also, stay tuned for an old favorite - Guatemala Bella Carmona. This is still a couple of weeks out, but we'll have some in stock soon.

3/7/15 - Just in - Kenya Kiambu AA. A solidly-nice Kenyan at a reasonable price.

Also, Mexico Custapec is back!

2/1/15 - Just in (and posted): Colombia Popayan and Papua New Guinea Mile High (AA). Coming within a couple of weeks, a new Kenyan and by popular demand, Bella Carmona from Guatemala.


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We offer a wide variety of green coffee beans from around the world and home roasting equipment. We ship coffee all over the United States and to select other countries

Those new to the home roasting coffee experience will find the Home Roasting Basics Information page both interesting and informative. Here you can learn how easy it is to roast your own green coffee and make the best possible roasted coffee available. There is also an occasional home roasting newsletter and other coffee info available for your reading enjoyment.

We hope you enjoy this site and welcome you to browse around. For local customers, we are an Arizona coffee supplier of green coffee beans. Local pick-ups at our Tempe facility are welcome on weekends.
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