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Green Coffee Beans and Home Roasting Equipment

Welcome to The Lost Dutchman Coffee Home Roasting Web Site. We want to be your Roasting Equipment and Green Coffee Bean supplier. Checkout our extensive green coffee bean offerings and compare our low prices with other online green coffee suppliers.

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Lost Dutchman, The Legend (a background to our namesake)

Updates and News:

9/27/14 - Costa Rica Hacienda La Minita Tarrazu is back in stock. This is one of the most popular coffees we stock (for good reason!).

9/13/14 - Bali Vintage Klasik beans now available on our green coffee offering page. Also, from Nicaragua, an outstanding Cup of Excelence Coffee - Segovia Estate.

We have several new Colombians in and will have them posted as soon as Valic gets them up.

8/30/14 Coming soon - We've said it before, but this time we really mean it. An exotic tasting coffee from Bali. Should be here next week sometime.

8/17/14 - The macaw is back. A nice coffee from Costa Rica - "La Lapa". This has been a popular offering in the past, so we are happy to have it in stock again.


8/15/14 - Just in - A rock solid Harrar from Ethiopia "Deep Blue". We're not sure where the name comes from. Perhaps because there are deep blueberry notes? They are deep (the blueberries), but not overly pronounced like the Yirgacheffe Kocherie we stocked a couple months ago (more of that on the way too). Rather, this Harrar is dry-processed coffee exhibiting cocoa-like, buttery mouthfeel with hints of flower blossoms. Read more......(it is also available on our green coffee page).

8/5/14 - We now have green coffee available at our local cafe. Lots of folks have been asking for it, so for now we have limited selections available there during our normal hours of operation (7 days a week!) and plan on expanding the selection on a weekly basis. For information on our cafe's location and hours, please click here.

New - El Salvador Santa Julian - this is a sweet coffee typical of what one would expect of a high-end El Salvador - medium body, citrus, chocolaty, floral and very vibrant all wrapped up in the complexity of a single origin coffee. Very bright and sweet when properly roasted on the lighter side (fast roast to 1st crack with a large reduction in heat after 1st crack until the finish, if possible). We often are asked by local visitors "so what's your favorite coffee". Our answer is, "depends on what day it is and what we have in stock". Well, this is the shop's favorite right now.

Next week we'll be getting in a nice Harrar from Ethiopia, as well as a new Colombian. We've been very busy cupping new coffees with lots of incoming updates coming over the next month or two.

7/16/14 - Guatemala Antigua Acate has been added to our green coffee offering page. Antigua's will be getting scarce this year due mostly due to weather.

Mount Acatenango

Other incoming coffees - a new El Salvador (finally!) and a new Mandheling from Sumatra.

07/02/14 - Colombia Huila Palmero added to our green coffee offering page. Valic's working on getting the Antigua up.

6/24/14 - Incoming coffees - Guatemala Antigua Acate, a Colombian Huila Palermo, and another Colombian from Tolima. We'll have them posted within the next couple of days. This has been a stellar season quality-wise for South and Central American coffees. For some reason, good Indonesians are becoming scarce and expensive (blame it on the rain, earthquakes, bugs, not sure what else).

5/30/2014 - Costa Rica Hacienda La Minita Tarrazu is back in stock!

5/20/14 - Kenya Kahiriga Grade AA is in and Valic has it posted to our Green Coffee offering page. It is fairly expensive, but virtually all Kenyans are right now. The Kahiriga is a truly elegant coffee. To us, "elegant" equates to an aroma of fine red wine and light fruitiness with a pronounced almost malt-like flavor. Now if we can only learn to pronounce it: "Ka-hir-eega".

14/14 - Finca Idolia (Antigua from Guatemala) and Sumatra Aceh Gold now on our offering sheet. Two very nice coffees. We highly recommend the Aceh Gold for French Press and single origin espresso.

Kenyan is in, but we haven't finished with the description so Valic cannot upload it.

Other news.......our local customers will be happy to hear that we're finally getting around to moving some of our green coffee stock to our cafe. This will enable local during-the-week pick-ups (yay!). The logistics should be complete and availability ready within a week or two. We'll see how it goes!

5/1/14 - Good News / Bad News - We are out of Costa Rica Hacienda La Minita. The Good News is we'll have more within two weeks. Also, Sumatra Aceh Gold and a sweet, sweet Kenyan coffee are on the way. Valic will have them posted within a day or two. The Kenyan is a little pricey, but well worth it and we don't expect it to be around too long.

A new Guatemalan is also inbound within the next couple of days.

The Monsooned Malabar from India is in stock and has been added to our green coffee offering sheet.

5/5/14 - Rwanda Musasa and Colombia Tolima have been added to our offering sheet. The Malabar will be added soon (Valic). We're sorry to say that that the Kenyan did not make it on the truck carrying our shipment last week. Next time.

4/23/14 - A wide new selection of varietals coining in next week. We've been busing cupping Rwandans, Kenyans, Centrals, Indian coffees, and more. This year's African crops seem to be particularly interesting. More updates coming soon...

4/15/14 - Hawaii Ka'u back in stock. Also just in;Guatemala "El Carmen" from the Acetenango region. This is a very chocolaty coffee when roasted correctly (somewhere between City ++ and Full City- is the sweet spot!).

Also new: Colombia Decaf (Swiss Water Process).

Coming within the next week or two: Indian Monsooned Malabar, New Kenyan, and Rwanda, and more...

4/07/13 - New Colombian Decaf - will be available by the end of the week. Coming soon - Bali Karishna.

3/23/14 - A very pleasant new coffee offering from a 3rd family generation estate - Hacienda Miravalles. This is an organic coffee from an overall environmentally friendly farm that uses modern processing equipment to produce a very clean coffee.

3/8/14 - Sumatra Gayo Mountain, Indonesia Sulawesi Toraja, Guatemala Finca Idolia (an Antigua) all have been posted. Valic still has to post the new Mexican coffee.

Other news - we're currently out of Hawaiian Ka'u. According to our source from this tropical paradise, continuous rains have really slowed down the processing of the current crop being harvested. We're told it may take up to a couple of weeks before the new beans are available.

3/6/15 - Incoming coffees to be posted within a day or two: Guatemala Los Santos - comes from a fourth generation farmer from the Antigua region. Coffee varietals include:Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra.

An added incoming bonus: Sulawesi Toraja - something we don't usually stock, but this is really a nice Sula...... and also a Sumatra Gay Mountain. Check back soon, these coffees will be available by/before the weekend.

3/2/14 - Out of El Salvadors and Guatemalans. New crop Centrals are waiting offshore to get through customs, so we thought we'd wait another week or two before ordering up new ones (there are some really nice ones we've been waiting for). We did find a gem of a coffee from Mexico - "Hacienda Miravalles". It is a family owned estate coffee located in the high lands of the Sierra Madre mountain range in western Mexico. Organic and Bird Friendly. It comes to us in Grain-pro lined burlap bags. We'll have it posted later this week when it arrives at our loading dock.

2/13/14 - Just in - From the Carmo de Minas region of Brazil, we found a super-nice microlot coffee from the Reis Brothers estate farm. This coffee is a joy to roast; clean, uniform beans. For those who think Brazil coffees lack complexity, we recommend trying this one. It is the current favorite here at Lost Dutchman.

Mexican Chiapas decaf coming in tomorrow. It is a mountain water processed decaf coffee.

For Locals and anyone who may be visiting the Mesa AZ area, our new Coffee House just opened. We're going through a few expected pains, but the coffee is excellent and our staff, cheerful, skilled, and friendly. Stop by if you're in the area and check it out! We've been so busy trying to open that myself and Valic have not been able to update this site with new green coffee arrivals as much as we'd like, but hopefully we'll get back to normal here soon and will provide updates much more often.

1/27/14 - Important Notice: Our local pick-up hours on Saturdays are being trimmed from 11-2 to 12-2 pm. We are currently working on opening another shop in downtown Mesa and need the extra time to finish construction of it. These new hours will be effective immediately. On the good side, customers will be able to take advantage of us being open during the week to pick up green coffee orders anytime (something we get asked about a lot). Lots of big things happening here. More info coming soon (maybe some pictures of the new building if Valic's up to posting them).New coffees are still a couple weeks out. We're overstocked right now and have some new good ones coming (will be pleasant surprises when they do get here).

12/13/13 - Amaro Gayo from Ethiopia, and Costa Rica Tarrazu Peaberry just posted to our green coffee offering page. The Nicaraguan San Lucila is in, but not yet posted.

12/0913 - New Coffees coming in very soon. An amazing new peaberry from Costa Rica, an elegant coffee from Nicaragua, and more (we'll keep the other two as a sort of surprise)..... Valic should have them posted within a few days so they will be available by/before the weekend.

11/26/13 - Ethiopian Amaro Gayo Coming back soon. Also India Monsooned Malabar. Is about 2 weeks away. It might seem like we're laying kind of low lately, but we're not. We're actually very busy restocking a lot of our current coffee offerings and cupping some soon-to-be announced new ones.

11/09/13 - Colombian Peaberry is back in stock. This is a really nice tasting peaberry coffee that seems to have a little more caffeine that most arabicas. It's a great coffee to try out if you haven't already.

Sumatra Super Peaberry - Back in Stock!

New - Java Prianger Grade1 - A super nice, Java!

Just posted - Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea - it looks kind of ugly in its raw form, but brew it like you would a tea and be amazed by it's unique raspberry jam, syrupy flavor. We're happy to be able to offer it at a great price.

10/21/13 - No More Congo!!!

10/17/13 - Congo Kivu is now in stock. Those that are into extreme sports will really like this coffee. The ladies sorting the beans in this picture would agree, we're sure!

8/24/12 - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere - we finally were able to get more of this fantastic coffee. Get some before it runs out again, because it will be early Spring before the next harvest becomes available.

One of the Kochere Coffee Sorters

As soon as Valic gets a chance, we also have a new Kenya and a nice El Salvador coffee that need to be posted.

Note that we're temporarily out of Costa Rica "La Lapa". We have more on order and should be getting some fresh bags of this great coffee sometime in early September.

6/8/13 - New coffee from Papua New Guinea - Purosa Grade A - A well processed, flavorful co-op coffee.

purosa green coffee

Click on the mask to see the description of the PNG Purosa

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