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Green Coffee Beans for Home Roasters

Welcome to The Lost Dutchman Coffee Home Roasting Web Site. We want to be your Green Coffee supplier. Checkout our extensive green coffee bean offerings and compare our low prices with other online green coffee suppliers.

Updates and News:

Important Notice - Local pick-ups can be made at our Downtown Mesa location - "Lost Dutchman Coffee House" - at 12 N Center Street. Email or text messages will be provided when your order is ready to be picked up. Please indicate which method is preferred during check-out, otherwise expect an email message - usually within 24 hours of placing your order.

6/3/20 India Monsooned Malabar is back in stock.

4/21/20 - New Crop Costa Rica La Minita Tarrazu is now in stock.

3/28/20 - Just in - Sumatra Horas Tano Batak has just been added to our offering sheet. This is a Lintong varietal from the Lake Toba region of Sumatra.

3/21/20 - We are currently open during the pandemic and are operating "business as usual". Local pick-ups at our coffee house in Downtown Mesa are also still available, however it is "grab-and-go", meaning the lobby and outside patio are closed for seating.

3/18/20 - From Ethiopia - Sidamo "Wottona Bultuma". This is a washed coffee with elegant flavor and incredibly nice body.

2/29/20 - India Myore Nuggets - From Badnekhan Estate, added to our offering line-up. A nice Sidamo from Ethiopia is coming next.

2/14/20 - Brazil Daterra Farms Sweet Yellow and Sweet Blue are back in stock. The prices for these two coffees have increased, as they have dramatically gone up for us also. If we can source them at a better price in the future, we'll reduce them back down accordingly.

Indian Monsooned Malabar Grade Super AA is back in stock. We also just recieved some Mysore Nuggets from a well-respeced estate in India. A couple of Ethiopians will added to our offering list just as soon as Valic gets around to it.

2/6/20 - We've run low (out) on a few coffees that we normally stock - Monsooned Malabar, Sweet Blue and Yellow, however these are expected to be back in full swing next week around 2/7.

We also happy to announce the upcoming arrival of an estate coffee from the Mysore region of India.

2/2/20 - Ethiopia Yirgacheffe "Aricha" has been posted. This is our current favorite around the shop and we don't expect it to be around very long.

1/27/20 - Just in - Guatemala Huehuetenango Palmira - this is from a family owned farm known for it's quality and consistency.

Coming soon (next month) - an Indian coffee from the Mysore region of India. It's been awhile since we stocked Indian coffees other than Monsooned Malabar and maybe a robusta here and there. We're hoping to increase our varieties from this coffee producing region.

12/22/19 - La Minita Tarrazu is out until March. In the meantime, La Pradera will be filling in. La Pradera is very similar as it is part of the La Minita farm; it is actually just down the road and uses the same mill for processing.

11/20/19 - From Costa Rica - Hacienda La Pradera Tarrazu. In true Costa Rican fashion, these beans are impeccably processed. The beans are large (18 screen), fresh, and make for an awesome cup of coffee. Maple and Chocolatey were the first sensations to the palate during our technical cupping session.

11/10/19 - Colombia Ibagué Tolima just added to our green coffee offering page. This is a nice excelso from the capital of Tolima. We were fortunate to get our hands on some of this as the grower has a small farm that produces only several hundred bags per harvest (this is considered more of a micro-microlot). Fully washed and processed very nicely.

9/21/19 - Nicaragua El Recreo Pacamara Honey Prep has been added to our offering list. This microlot coffee is a good example of how properly processed honey-preparation should taste. It is typical for the beans to have an uneven, almost reddish tint to quite a few of them. This should not be interpreted as being an inferior quality; rather this is an indication that the beans were held to just the right moment during a truncated fermentation period. It takes great skill -and some luck, to properly process beans like this. Although they are "Pacamara", these beans are not so huge as typical Pacamaras are. Rather they are more-or-less typical of other beans (18-19 screen).

El Recreo Estate

9/11/19 - Ethiopia Natural Ayehu is now available. Ayehu is from the Northwestern part of Ethiopia. The most striking part during our cupping of these beans is its silky body. The coffee is very pleasing to the palate.

9/2/19 - Guatemala Bella Carmona is now available. So is Kenya Kigutha. Both of these coffees are high-end in flavor and characteristics at very reasonable prices, considering the quality. Next: Bella Carmona Peaberry and one or two other surprises.

8/23/19 - Some good Guatemalan Coffee news. From the Acatenango growing region, we just got in some El Carmen. El Carmen is an old estate going back to 1930. SHB (Strictly Hard Bean), grown at over 4,000 ft msl., this coffee has very versatile flavor profiles depending on how it's roasted. Check out more in the description.

Late next week we're bringing back Bella Carmona, from Antigua. This is one of our all time favorites from Guatemala. We're also expecting to get a bag of Bella Carmona Peaberry, so stay tuned!

7/19/19 - Another very nice Mexican coffee from the Custapec Valley has been posted. This estate grown coffee has undergone immaculate processing, which is evident by the lack of visible defects (insect bites, brokens, stinker beans, etc.). The results of the extra care given to both the coffee shrubs 'n cherries are evident in the flavor of the cup.

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We offer a wide variety of green coffee beans from around the world.
Those new to the home roasting coffee experience will find the Home Roasting Basics Information page both interesting and informative. Here you can learn how easy it is to roast your own green coffee and make the best possible roasted coffee available.

We hope you enjoy this site and welcome you to browse around. For local customers, we are an Arizona coffee supplier of green coffee beans. Local pick-ups are available at the Lost Dutchman Coffee House located right smack in the middle of Downtown Mesa.
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